Tom Hulme

Who am I?

I'm Tom; a 16 year old student based in Blackpool, UK. I'm a complete and utter #nerd for Technology.

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Games Consoles

A nerd you say?

Mhm. I even collect freaking games consoles! Click below to see my current collection of classic consoles.

Oooh classic consoles!

What about Computers?

I have a few computers, three desktops, a few Raspberry Pis, a laptop, even a little Acer Aspire L320

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You do Web Design?

Yup. You're actually viewing one of my pieces of work; using Bootstrap 4 to create nice looking elements

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You're a furry!?

Yep. It's one of the best fandoms I've actually been in. Very friendly peeps, and very artistic too!

Awesome, I wanna see!