Alpha 3 Release

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  • added door framework
  • fixed a range bug that caused ranges to fail if the first value was negative
  • added basement levels to Triton Center
  • added ShaftShowFloors, ShaftShowOutside, and ShowFullShaft commands
  • fixed a bug involving certain variables not being processed
  • fixed up sign generator script
  • new floor signs (floors 151 to 300, and floors CC and PL for the Sears Tower)
  • fixed sound code
  • new elevator sounds
  • added script parameters for specifying elevator sounds
  • fixed door sound location and movement
  • moved main Crystal Space code out of SBS core into frontend
  • fixed an infinite loop condition when processing multiple and/or operators
  • more Sears Tower work; currently have all express and local elevators in place
  • added TextureFlip command
  • elevator editor's floor scrollbar now supports negative floors
  • fixed a bug where the elevator doors would immediately close (and the current floor would turn off) if going to next floor in queue
  • increased elevator door speeds to match new sounds
  • added basement levels to the Triton Center
  • new intro screen (doesn't work yet on Linux)
  • major performance improvements
  • added keys w, a, s and d for movement
  • input is now only processed if main window is selected

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