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Finally I released Alpha 6 - this of course has all of the features in the previous builds since Alpha 5, including these that were done since the last build:

-added random activity checkbox
-added control panel position parameters to INI file
-Added INI option for intro music
-Road fixes and added Daley center to Triton Center
-Elevator now properly resets when inspection mode is disabled while moving
-finished main Glass Tower structure
-function parameters can now be used in sections, such as "<Floor %param1%>"
-tweaked default leveler values
-Fixed a sound cleanup issue
-fixed the door 'finished' check (was causing certain doors from not closing manually)
-Added floor reporting for the "no shaft doors" message
-ShaftCut command now checks if the shaft exists first
-Fixed an issue where elevator would try to open adjacent floor's doors during classic leveling, if not yet at the floor
-Destination switch fix - direction would switch to a floor in the wrong direction, causing the elevator to endlessly move
-enabled Triton Center exterior doors
-packaged Mac version as a compressed DMG with aliases

Main changelog:

Version 1.6 (2.0 Alpha 6)

-added current floor ID to the control panel's main and camera control windows
-added support for forcing autosizing on or off on a per-texture basis
-added support for floor arrival sounds
-added more camera speed config parameters
-added full camera reset (respawn) triggered by F6
-added elevator motor sound object
-added support for exiting back to the main screen
-added support for per-door elevator floor signs
-added new simulator/building statistics dialog
-moved button code into separate control class
-added support for elevator button lighting
-fixed issue involving elevator door sound playing for non-serviced doors
-added script console
-text-to-texture objects now support transparency
-fixed floor sign autosizing issues
-many elevator queue fixes
-fixed call cancel button
-app now properly exits to the main menu if a building fails to load
-added custom sound objects
-added new Simple building with basements
-more comments added to the Simple building
-elevators can now be named
-call buttons now light up in groups
-added Schindler MT textures and sounds
-added verbose mode
-control panel can now be reopened by pressing F12
-fixed blank canvas issue on Mac
-elevator modes can now be set from building scripts and the INI file
-fixed ACP mode
-fixed other service modes
-added SetTextureMapping2 command
-created new planar texture mapper
-added the GetWallExtents and Print commands
-added InterfloorOnTop global parameter and base variable
-made new SetPlanarMapping command which is an extended version of the old ReverseExtents command
-new planar texture mapper is now the default
-added object information dialog
-added support for file includes
-added support for script functions
-added support for user-defined elevator and shaft doors
-added automatic elevator parking support
-added button sound support
-elevator and motor sounds now start at a position based on the elevator's speed
-elevators now support an unlimited number of button panels
-added CutAll command
-added support for internal elevator directional indicators
-directional indicators can now show active (running) elevator direction
-fixed some quirks with elevator movement
-added elevator leveling support
-Lines with both functions and IF statements now process the IF statement first
-door cutting uses CutAll function, which now makes it cut stairs, shafts, external, etc
-Texture flipping now works properly with zero tw/th values
-call buttons are now only created if any of the given elevators serves the floor
-ACP mode now works in conjunction with peak modes
-added experimental random elevator traffic

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