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Wow that was some frantic preparation for the release (this week's been insane with the Glass Tower work). I did some quick fixes to the Observation Tower too, but had to hurry up since I was planning on releasing this weekend.

This release mostly has major changes to the internal simulation code, but also has many features and also features a mostly completed (90%) Glass Tower building base, which is extremely complex. The changes since the previous build are some minor fixes for issues brought up recently, the Glass Tower's base, and some more work on the Observation Tower. Also if you have button rendering issues, try the option I added recently - open the skyscraper.ini file and change this to true: Skyscraper.SBS.TextNoClear = false

Downloads are on the website:
and local release downloads are here:

Pictures of the Glass Tower base are below, and misc info:

Full release changelog (didn't mention the Glass Tower base in it though):

Version 1.7 (2.0 Alpha 7)
-added braille fonts
-added support for elevator panel switches and knobs -added elevator fan toggle
-door open and close buttons now support specific doors -added door hold feature
-elevator now resets queue search direction if last entry in active queue is in the opposite movement direction
-elevator doors no longer try to open if you press the call button as it's passing the floor
-floor buttons now properly add floor route if pressed on the same floor as elevator is moving
-Fix for vertically-moving elevator doors' offset calculations
-Elevators now properly sync camera offsets if a person boards a moving elevator
-Fixed an issue where the random activity system wouldn't select the top serviced floor
-added standard doors to elevator objects
-added sound support to doors
-fixed a crash that occurred if ServicedFloors included an invalid floor number
-added internal error reporting system
-new object tree browser
-elevator parking fixes
-call cancel now only works in fire phase 2 mode
-elevators now reroute properly if switched to fire phase 1 mode while moving
-added object deletion support
-added elevator run/stop states
-arrival notification can now be performed at the start of leveling or at deceleration
-Added adjacent floor check - eliminates crashes related to trying to create floors in the wrong order
-Elevator doors no longer open when parking
-some interior elevator objects now stay enabled while user is outside elevator
-grouped floors now also enable stairwells and shafts
-Added braille callbuttons
-Elevator beep sounds now support floor number substitution
-added support for direction message sounds
-added separate folder for screenshots, and switched format to jpeg
-added support for elevator music
-ShaftCut and CutStairwell commands now cut external objects
-Added support for displaying last clicked 3D position
-Added Housing Estate building
-Added support for changing door speeds
-added SVN versioning info
-Elevator objects can now be used in certain global commands
-fixed a peak mode dispatch issue
-Added case insensitivity support for file loading
-Internal indicator vertical positioning fix
-App now displays missing files after building load
-Texture rendering fixes
-added "open" parameter to doors
-added DepartureDelay and ArrivalDelay elevator parameters
-Error reporting system is now more verbose about certain errors
-added sign textures
-added nudge mode

Changes since last build:
-Glass Tower base, based on movie blueprints
-Added filename output to texture functions
-Added floor verification to CreateStairwell and CreateShaft functions
-Added V key for noclip mode
-door hold function now disables nudge mode timer
-Reverted close door deny change from rev 2178 (error about not being able to close doors in Fire Phase 2 mode)

Glass Tower Base

The Glass Tower is the building in the movie The Towering Inferno, and the original Skyscraper model was designed from guesswork by Michael Jehn and coded by me. After Joseph Musso (one of the movie's illustrators) sent me blueprints of the building model designs, I redesigned the building to match the designs. Recently I decided to go ahead with the base of the building. You can see original photos of the movie model here: and the blueprints: (the 2nd one on there is what I used to create the base).

Here's the Skyscraper screenshots of the mostly-finished base:

The base is in 4 segments: the front atrium, rear atrium, left complex and right complex. The entrances aren't finished at all, and I made a hole in the right side as a temporary way to enter/exit the building. The left and right side entrances were originally based on the Bank of America building in San Francisco, and will eventually look similar to this:

There's still only 4 elevators in the Glass Tower, mostly since the interior was never really designed for the movie. Eventually it'll get more.

Enjoy the release.

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