April 18 2016 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build introduces a new command, AddExternalDoor, which works just like AddDoor except creates an external/global door that is always visible, like the External mesh of a building. Along with this, a parameter was added to the AddFillerWalls command to create the walls on the External mesh instead. This was added so that when multiple buildings are used, exterior doors can remain visible without having to keep an entire floor enabled. The Simple and Triton Center buildings use this new feature.

A number of elevator bugs were fixed, including some regressions in the last build which were caused by the interlock pre-check (call availability addition) feature (see the last 4 entries in the changelog for details). There was an issue where the floor indicators weren't using the proper texture prefix name when being created, which caused wrong textures being displayed when textures were missing.

One important change to know about, is that I found that the CutAll command wasn't cutting stairwells at the correct voffset, where it was cutting them too high. This has been fixed, but it means that any buildings that you've made that use the CutAll command to cut stairwells, need to be checked and adjusted so that they cut properly - I've found that the NTCC building has some minor issues with this that can easily be fixed. The discrepancy was that the command's voffset is supposed to be based off of the floor's altitude (not base, which is normally the altitude plus interfloorheight), but since the stairwell levels were positioned at the floor's base, not altitude, they would end up cutting too high even though other things would get cut correctly. To fix your script, if you have a CutAll command that cuts a stairwell and it's lower voffset is 0, that voffset probably needs to be %interloorheight%.

-CutAll function needs to remove floor's base offset for it to cut stairwell walls properly
-(Simple) added filler walls for the stairs doors
-fixed Triton Center external filler walls, and added mention in script guide about the voffset value
-added "isexternal" parameter to AddFillerWalls script command
-(Triton Center) have exterior doors use new External Doors feature
-added AddExternalDoor script command
-fix for AddShaftStdDoor command
-(Glass Tower) elevator button arrangement fix
-floor indicators need to use proper texture prefix when created
-when elevator doors are being manually opened (shift-click), shift-clicking again will stop the doors
-when an elevator checks if it's available for a call, the interlock check should skip the current elevator floor to prevent issues, since that check is done later
-disable the door sensor if the elevator is waiting in a peak mode
-elevator interlock check should be skipped if the elevator is waiting in a peak mode

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