April 24 2009 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

The 4/24/09 build is up:

here's the changelog:
-added shaft tops to the Triton Center and Simple elevator shafts
-lots of memory leak fixes
-simulator now pauses when main window is minimized

and some things that I didn't put in the changelog yet:
-half of service elevators in the Triton Center are now stationed at the top
-removed support for riding on top of elevators, since the runloop timing change related to it was creating major performance problems
-fixed peak modes which were reversed in the last build
-fixed part of the element prediction in the GetFloor() function, which should result in some performance improvements

I also started a guide to the simulator design and internals (design.rtf) and is also available online here:

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