April 25 2014 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build has more bugfixes aiming for an Alpha 9 release, and features functionality for elevator door sensors, which is enabled by default for all automatic doors. Door sensors are automatically created triggers, sized in the elevator's internal door area with 1/4 of the character collider's width surrounding it for room. Two new elevator commands were made which are used by it's action, and are "sensor" and "reset". When a user passes into the sensor's trigger area, the "sensor" command is run which opens and holds the doors. The "reset" command simply calls a function that has existed before, that resets door timers to disable a door hold. The door sensors can be switched on and off in the elevator editor. I've fixed some filename case sensitivity issues on Linux and Mac, fixed up more of the Observation Tower building (which was never cleaned up when it was made), fixed number calculation in scripts in elevator parameter sections, added floor signs to the Simple building, did more work on the script guide and made a "sides" picture to explain the wall/floor sides used in the DrawWalls command, fixed the control panel's display of the camera rotation values (which also fixes rotation after a building reload using ctrl-r), provided an explanation of what interfloor areas are in the script guide (they represent the area taken up by floor truss supports in buildings), and more.

You can also assign a sound to the door sensor, to simulate relay clicking sounds. I didn't have a sound for that, so I didn't set one as default. You can also have the elevator beep while a user is obstructing the door, and this is explained in the script guide.

-file not found errors for script includes now handle exceptions properly
-script includes now use VerifyFile which fixes case sensitivity issues on Linux and Mac
-fixed parameter count checks in script interpreter
-removed "starting time" entry from stats dialog
-added use of VerifyFile to building file loader, to fix filename case sensitivity on Linux and Mac
-moved Glass Tower roof structures to external mesh
-repositioned Glass Tower's rooftop elevator motor
-elevator parameters now properly calculate numbers
-added support for elevator door sensors
-added Sensor and Reset actions, used by sensors
-added option to change nudge option for door hold command, used by Sensor action
-trim whitespace on GetAction() input string
-added floor signs to Simple building
-some needed fixes to the Observation Tower
-updated license info
-updated script guide
-added "sides" graphic for script guide
-added door sensor item to elevator editor
-nudge setting in elevator editor now works properly on a per-door basis
-floor skip text can now be disabled by setting it with an empty value
-added explanation of interfloor areas to script guide
-added missing keys to control reference
-tiling fix for Triton Center top (143) interfloor
-added antennas to Sears Tower model in Triton Center
-fixed setback positionings in Sears Tower model in Triton Center
-fixed malfunction in trigger code due to an uninitialized position value
-call shutdown() on Ogre root instead of delete, to fix a crash on certain systems during shutdown
-camera rotation values are now updated properly. This fixes the rotation display in the control panel, and also fixes rotations during a building reload
-added a forced resize during a building reload for Linux - fixes rendering issues

Fun Fact

  • This is the 100th build that was released on the Skyscraper Simulator forum, not including versions of skyscraper that were released there.

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