April 30 2009 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

Here's the new build - this one mainly has new directional indicators/lanterns (only the Simple building actually has them so far).


-added support for elevator directional indicators

One important thing about this version - the call button textures have been removed and replaced by a single texture called callbutton.png. This is because there wasn't really a need for 2 separate images since the simulator can just flip the pic upside-down. All buildings that come with Skyscraper have been updated for that change, but for custom buildings, replace these two lines:

Load data/buttonup.png, ButtonUp, 1, 1
Load data/buttondown.png, ButtonDown, 1, 1

with these:
Load data/callbutton.png, ButtonUp, 1, 1
Load data/callbutton.png, ButtonDown, 1, -1

I've also been building it with Crystal Space 1.4 (svn snapshot), and so far things are going pretty well.

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