April 3 2010 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build finally has the remade control code for the button panels. The AddFloorButton and AddControlButton commands have been replaced with a single command, AddButton, and an advanced command has been added for the ability to create custom buttons, switches and knobs (for more info, look at the script guide, designguide.html). This also has a number of fixes.


From the changelog:
-added support for elevator panel switches and knobs
-added elevator fan toggle
-door open and close buttons now support specific doors
-added door hold feature
-elevator now resets queue search direction if last entry in active queue is in the opposite movement direction
-elevator doors no longer try to open if you press the call button as it's passing the floor
-floor buttons now properly add floor route if pressed on the same floor as elevator is moving

Here's the list of control actions that can be assigned to controls, from the guide:
Off (no action), [floor number], Open (open doors), Close (close doors), Cancel (call cancel), Stop (stop elevator), Alarm, Fire1Off (fire service phase 1 off), Fire1On (fire service phase 1 on), Fire1Bypass (fire service phase 1 bypass), Fire2Off (fire service phase 2 off), Fire2On (fire service phase 2 on), Fire2Hold (fire service phase 2 hold), UpPeakOn (enable up peak), UpPeakOff (disable up peak), DownPeakOn (enable down peak), DownPeakOff (disable down peak), IndOn (enable independent service mode), IndOff (disable independent service), InsOn (enable inspection service mode), InsOff (disable inspection service), AcpOn (enable ACP mode), AcpOff (disable ACP mode), FanOn (enable fan/idle sound), FanOff (disable fan/idle sound), and Hold (hold door).
Open, Close, and Hold can have the door number after the name - for example, Open2 will open door 2, while Open will open all doors.

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