August 27 2013 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This release has a number of new features, some bugfixes for serious issues, and some other added custom content for cabin fixtures. First-off, the elevator button texture sizing parameters have been fixed - this may break button positioning in existing buildings that have values other than 1 or 0 for the button size, but so far it seems to be limited (and is easily fixed if you just put in the correct value). The Move Object dialog is now fully working, a number of elevator and shaft door actions have been added, full manual elevator support has been added (along with the Simple - Manual building for testing), major Glass Tower lobby changes (split the lobby into 2 levels), constant-pressure push-button support, completely overhauled fire modes for realism, basic elevator door and shaft door interlocks have been added (you now need to switch off the elevator's interlock first if trying to open shaft doors other than the elevator floor), a new column of items are in the elevator editor, a new landing zone has been added for elevators, and phase 1 and phase 2 fire switches have been added to the Triton Center, Glass Tower and Simple buildings.

With manual elevators, doors (elevator doors and shaft doors) can now be each opened separately, and if interlocks are enabled, must be closed for the elevator to move. Up and down switches are used in the car for movement. Shaft doors on any floor can also be opened and closed from action controls. Constant-pressure buttons are now enabled for certain elevator modes that require it. Also note that to enable fire phase 2, you need to set the phase 1 (outside) keyswitch to "on" before being able to change the phase 2 mode.

-Fixed positioning feature in Move Object dialog
-Added more elevator and shaft door actions
-Added OpenExt and CloseExt actions
-added "0 to disable" options for DoorTimer and QuickClose parameters
-added AutoOpen parameter
-added OpenOnStart parameter
-added new Simple building with manual doors
-added full support for manual elevators
-fixed issue where floor would turn off when closing shaft doors even if ShaftShowFloors is enabled
-major Glass Tower lobby changes; atrium base is now the Atrium level (previously mezzanine) to match movie depictions of the Hyatt Regency and Bank of America buildings
-added elevator door open/close button hold feature (constant pressure support), for certain modes such as independent service and fire modes
-renamed CancelLastRoute to CallCancel
-major reworking of fire service modes to make them more realistic
-added reversals to door opening, used in fire modes to reclose the doors if open button is released
-added fire service enable function to call button code; switching one elevator to fire service phase 1 now switches all elevators in same bank (all being serviced by the first call button on recall floor) into fire service mode
-added more texture content (in progress)
-fixed button/control texture multipliers - needs testing to make sure it doesn't mess up other buildings
-added basic elevator interlocks, along with actions
-some fixes for AutoDoors option
-added new section of items to elevator editor, and added some other misc things
-added landing zone area for automatic releasing of interlocks
-added more switch images
-added fire switch keys to Simple, Triton Center and Glass Tower elevators

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