December 10 2009 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build has some significant internal changes which fix numerous problems. The flickering issue with buildings such as Terrace Border has been fixed, and had to do with a z-fighting issue when objects were a certain distance away (they'd start overlapping probably due to number precision issues). I fixed this by adding an internal 3D coordinate rescaler in the simulator, and so before the change 1 3D unit was 1 foot, and now it's 5 feet (and converts back and forth) - everything should appear the same as before, but there's the possibility that something might break from this (a few things already broke, but were fixed).

Some other changes are that objects created from the script console are now lighted properly (this was a bug in Crystal Space, and I created a patch for it and this build has the patched CS), the "Simple - Basements" building is fixed, the Glass Tower remake has started, some elevator call processing fixes have been done, elevator names are now supported (they had a name parameter for a long time, but no command was ever made for that), the screen clears before starting (sometimes the main menu would appear during a building load on certain machines), and now the commands <EndFloor> and <EndFloors> work the same (and also <EndElevator> and <EndElevators>). I also reverted Crystal Space's coordinate compression stuff from 64-bit integers back to floats, which might speed things back up (my original change might've been causing slowdowns).

Mac and Linux builds will be out tomorrow.

From the SVN log:
-Pre-start screen buffer fix
-Simple w/Basements fixes
-fixed call dequeuing by implementing an active call state
-doors no longer try to open/close if already moving in manual mode
-Name command added to script interpreter's elevator section - name support has been there for a while, but no command ever existed for it
-added queue reset to elevator stop function
-Removed Comcast Center
-Started Glass Tower model remake
-TC3 update
-Both EndFloor and EndFloors can now finish any type of floor section
-Added new CS thing prepare patch
-Added support for unit rescaling

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