December 12 2012 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build had a surprising amount of work put into it. It has a number of new features, and also a few important bugfixes. The main bugfix is that the Caelum sky system no longer fails along with lots of fog on some Intel systems. The Triton Center now has new external windows using the new LoadAlphaBlendTexture command, and the Glass Tower has been given a complete overhaul. Skyscraper now supports loading Ogre material definitions and textures directly by placing all of the files into the data/materials folder, and using the LoadMaterial command to map the material to a simulator texture name (more info in the script guide). Texture animation has been added, and is done by many of the new commands - a new building has been created to show off the animations, and is called "Simple - Animated" - this uses all of the commands, and you can quickly learn how to use them this way. This feature was very easy to add due to the capabilities of OGRE and how easy those were implemented in that graphics engine. An Action system has been created (along with a viewer/player in the control panel), allowing you to create custom controls and triggers anywhere in the simulator and bind them to specific simulator actions. Custom controls work just like elevator buttons/controls, and perform certain actions - see the animated simple building for an example. Triggers are defined areas that perform actions just like controls, except that it does them whenever you enter/leave the trigger area. See the animated simple building for an example/demo of this also. Sounds can also be played/stopped from actions, but just remember that all referenced things (like actions, sounds, etc) all need to have globally-unique names, or else they won't work. I've switched off the doppler effects on sounds by default now, and that can be changed in the INI file. The default Caelum sky can now be changed from the INI file also, and the name reflects the definition in the data/caelum/sky.os file. A bunch of new textures have been added, which are mostly there for window shading effects (see the Glass Tower and Triton Center buildings for examples).

Some screenshots I took, mostly of the new Glass Tower remodel:

Here's some of the photos of the original Glass Tower 70-foot backlot movie model, taken during production of the movie The Towering Inferno in 1974, so you can see the comparison: Blueprints:
The original model had more of a golden color, but in the movie it was filtered to more of a less-intense bronze color, and so I tried to make good-looking bronze-tinted windows with a golden-bronze framing around them.

New Commands:
(and updated AddSound commands)

-added support for direct loading of ogre materials in data/materials
-Added check to ensure GetFloor doesn't try to go below the array's lower bounds
-array delete fixes
-added caching to GetFloor() and related functions
-Triton Center external windows overhaul, using alpha blending
-Glass Tower overhaul
-script guide updates
-added Action and Trigger objects
-Added action viewer (control panel window)
-fixed global AddSound command which was overriding the per-object ones
-updated AddSound command for FMOD and added loop option for new control/trigger commands
-fixed texture and material counters
-added changetexture, playsound and stopsound actions
-disabled doppler effect (sounds) by default
-caelum sky error fix

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