December 17 2009 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build has a lot of fixes in it, and this is probably the 3rd or 4th attempt to release it, since I kept finding major issues. The running performance should be better in this build, since I found some areas where it was doing lots of unneeded work. The main features (listed in changelog): -call buttons now light up in groups -added Schindler MT textures and sounds -added verbose mode

There's been a lot of obsessive fixes done to the elevator queuing and call processing systems, and they should be close to perfect now (I haven't noticed anything wrong yet). The new verbose mode lets you see detailed information about what the simulator's doing internally, and can be switched on either from the control panel, or by changing the related parameter in the INI file (it even lets you see the call buttons talking to each other, as they find which others are in their group). So far only call buttons and elevators have verbose info. A very serious bug was also fixed in this, where call buttons would in one area return no value when it was supposed to return false, causing a random value to be returned (this might've been the issue mentioned by some people, but I can't verify it). The elevator door drift issue was also fixed.

Changes (from SVN log):
-Wall box rescaling fix
-TC3 Update 8
-Made some more crazy queuing fixes - this time I think it's how it should be.
-Also fixed issue where buttons would stay lit if you exit the elevator
-Fixed AddQueue function for independent service and fire phase 2 modes
-Fixed door auto-closing in fire mode 2
-Fixed minor callback issue
-Added support for changing routes as the elevator is moving
-Added Schindler MT textures and sounds
-Added aluminum door texture
-Started object system
-some cleanups to new object code
-removed unused items from elevator editor
-added object count to stats window
-fixed a serious call button issue where no return value for false was specified
-fixed some more call routing quirks
-increased quick timer limit to 3 seconds
-Added verbose mode
-fixed call button group lighting issue
-added verbose checkbox to the control panel
-elevator floor number parameter is now initially set properly
-made floor-specific floor indicator updates on-demand
-Fixed floating point precision issue with elevator door movement
-object enabling fixes, including performance enhancements
-Terrace update

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