December 30 2012 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build has a number of bugfixes, some performance improvements, and some small features. I've added support for split up/down sounds for elevators (both cars and motors), fixed the volume parameter in the AddSound commands (would only let you set it to 0% or 100% before, not anything in between), added an ambient lobby sound to the Triton Center, added support for playing multiple sounds from a single action (if they have the same name), added support for running multiple actions with the same name, added a 'centering' feature to model loading, to align the model to the floor properly, added a couple couch models to the Simple building's first floor (one has physics enabled), added a couch model to the roof of the Triton Center with physics enabled (you can push this off the roof), and some misc fixes.

See this update post for more information on using 3D models with Skyscraper:

New commands:

-separated elevator motor sounds between up and down movements
-updated INI file and script guide
-added comments in script guide about leaving sound fields blank
-Performance improvements
-AddSound parameter count fix
-Fixed volume bug in AddSound - volume parameter was specified as an int, preventing fractional volume values
-Added lobby ambient sound to Triton Center
-Added support for split car up/down elevator sounds
-added support for playing multiple sounds with the same name from an action
-added support for running multiple actions with the same name
-added couch model to Simple building, with physics enabled
-added centering support to models, and added parameter to AddModel commands -more caelum load checks
-removed extra collider-related scenenodes; should improve runtime performance
-disabled physics options for triangle mesh colliders, to prevent crashes on startup (these aren't supported by bullet)
-added more verbose reporting for triggers and sounds
-fixed control naming, preventing controls without the word "Control" from working
-removed existence check for multiple actions
-added second couch to Simple building, and couch to top of Triton Center
-fixed object parent values for some new objects
-some fixes to cascading object deletion
-Triton Center antenna tiling fix
-fixed standard sky top/bottom orientation

Note that I put out an updated build for an issue involving the new stopping sounds being reversed. You need the update if Skyscraper shows that the SBS version is 2772 (shows on startup, or in the Simulator Statistics window). The updated version is 2773. I just simply replaced the download files below.

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