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This is a page about a user's integration project.
A topic about the integration project on the Skyscraper forum is located in the Integration Projects board.
The 2016 integration project logo was used for the integration project from the time it was founded until the release of the 2017 logo.
The 2017 integration project logo was created on April 12, 2017. It will be replaced by the new 2018 logo once it is released.

E1512 Integration Project 2018 is an integration project created by Elevator1512. It was founded in August 2015 and is currently going up to the present day. There were 18 releases done in 2016. It currently has the third-most replies in the Integration Projects Board of Skyscraper Simulator Forum. The only other integration projects to have more replies is the EG881 Integration Project and KW Integration Project, both of which are the only topics to have over 1,000 replies in the Skyscraper Simulator Forum. Currently, the Aralia Tower II is the next building to be worked on in the integration project. On April 12, 2017, A new integration project logo was designed to replace the old 2016 logo. The new 2018 logo will be done shortly to replace the current logo.

Current Projects

Buildings marked with a * will be done at a later time.

Current Buildings

Exterior of the Bayside Plaza building.
Exterior of the original Best Eastern Hotel, which was last worked on in January 2016.
The exterior of the remixed Best Eastern Hotel, which is one of the many hotels that are under the Best Eastern brand.
Exterior of the Garden Plaza Tower, which is incomplete and needs to be updated at a later date.


  • Buildings marked in green are planned buildings to be created in the integration project.
    • # - Indicates a planned extension to an existing building complex.
    • ! - Indicates a planned building that will contain several buildings at once.
    • + - Planned to be the next building in the integration project

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