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This is a page about a user's integration project.
A topic about the integration project on the Skyscraper forum is located in the Integration Projects board.

The EG881 Integration Project is a project aimed towards integrating all escalatorgeek881 (EG881) buildings into one large project, as well as providing a central release and discussion center for all EG881 buildings and content. Currently it exists on the Skyscraper forum as an extra for Skyscraper Simulator. It is highly recommended to get the latest version of the EG881 Integration Project as lots of required textures and sound files are bundled in each of the integration project's releases. It is also the topic that has the most posts ever on the Skyscraper Simulator Forum, followed by the KW Integration Project.


Early Years (2010-11)

Before the EG881 Integration Project, all buildings were released on their own discussion topics on the Skyscraper forum. Due to the vast number of active projects at the time, it was difficult to find the correct topic for a particular building. On the building creator's side, maintaining several independent projects, especially those with extra content, would cause their data and releases to get disorganized, especially when trying to store them. In March 2011, as a last ditch effort to organize all building projects, it was decided that all buildings would use the same set of folders that would contain textures, sounds, and other content that were used in the buildings (that were not already bundled with any Skyscraper Simulator release). Because releasing buildings one at a time under this system causes content for other buildings with this system to get deleted or changed, all of the buildings had to be released at the same time. Later that month, work began on organizing and preparing the new concept of an "Integration Project". Shortly after the introduction of the EG881 Integration Project, then IP2011, all EG881 buildings were updated for the new system. Then, after a bank of escalators were coded in Northeast Triad Convention Center as a small experiment, it was decided that the Integration Project would contain a special in-code function that would automatically create escalators, called Escalator2011. The original Escalator2011 had very limited features, but more features and updates were added later on in the integration project releases.

First Years (2011-12)

The first release of the EG881 Integration Project was on April 4th of 2011, which contained updated code for old projects to make them work on newer releases, major updates to the active projects, which were Triton Center III, Northeast Triad Convention Center, and Terrace Version 3), and the first release of Escalator2011. In May 2011, the KW Integration Project, then the MEL Integration Project, was founded by Kan. Shortly after the integration project's introduction, the name changed from MEL to KW. In October 2011, the EG881 Integration Project, as well as some of the other active integration projects at the time, were split off into a new board that was called the Integration Projects board. This reduced clutter that was filling up in the Custom Buildings board because of the EG881 Integration Project and KW Integration Project almost always getting on top of the board. The EG881 Integration Project reached the 500-reply mark within 2012.

Triton Center III Hiatus (2014-15)

The EG881 Integration Project reached 1,000 replies in January 2014, which was the very first topic in the Skyscraper Simulator forum to ever reach the mark, which was a miracle milestone. In February 2014, during the early months of Integration Project 2014, it was announced that Triton Center III, which remained untouched from 2011 through 2013, would officially have had its progress be discontinued. At the time, it was the longest time that a building had been inactive despite not being officially discontinued. The building project remained on hold through the rest of Integration Project 2014 and the early years of Integration Project 2015. In March 2015, the EG881 Integration Project had its year labeling dropped. From there on, the name was now simply called the EG881 Integration Project, and that name continues up to the present day. In April, the KW Integration Project reached the 1,000 reply mark, making it the second topic in the Skyscraper forum to reach the mark. A month later, in May 2015, EG881 introduced a new bug tracker, called the EG881 Integration Project Bug Tracker.

Modern Period (2015-16)

In December 2015, EG881 had announced that he would bring back Triton Center III. This announcement suprised lots of followers of the EG881 Integration Project because they thought that Triton Center III was finished for good. He brought it back with a major floor design overhaul, compacting the elevator design so that there would be room for rooms on the floors above the Zone 2 Mechanical floors 88 to 89. The first release of the New Triton Center III was released in time for Build 4, which was released on December 2015. April 2016 was a major leap in the EG881 Integration project because not only did it reach 100 pages, but it also reached 1,500 replies in the topic, making it the first topic to ever reach 100 pages in the User Projects category of the forum. In June, the EG881 Integration Project passed the 90 thousand view mark, which put it on course to reach the 100 thousand view markt its current rate, which it did in November 2016. The J.P. Richardson Visitor's Center was announced on November 25, 2016 as the next building in the integration project.


  • There are a total of 11 buildings that are currently part of the integration project.
  1. Dellerton Plaza
  2. Eternity Plaza
  3. J.P. Richardson Visitor's Center
  4. Northeast Triad Convention Center
  5. Simple - EG881 Testing
  6. Sky I
  7. Stratford Business Complex
  8. Terrace
  9. Terrace Border
  10. Terrace Version 3
  11. Triton Center III



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