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This is a page about a user's integration project.
A topic about the integration project on the Skyscraper forum is located in the Integration Projects board.

The EGR1312 Integration Project was an integration project created by elevatorguyrocks1312 (formerly called ostermanrocks9768). Most of his buildings were located in McDowellville. When the user was banned from the Skyscraper Simulator Forum on February 4th, 2017, the topic was locked and has not been in use since.


When it began in March 2016, the project was then known as the Ostermanrocks9768 Building Integration Project as the user who created it was still known as ostermanrocks9768. The name stuck for only three months until the name changed in early June to the E1312 Integration Project, as well as the username changing to elevator1312. Only a few days later, the current name of the EGR1312 Integration Project and username change again as it was too confusing with elevator1512 and his similarly-named integration project that was started months prior in August 2015. The user was banned from the forum on February 4th, 2017, so the project and its topic is no longer used.


Buildings in McDowellville

Buildings in Metroville

Buildings in Narrowville

Buildings in Thinville

Buildings in Wideville

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