February 25 2013 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This is another (and hopefully last) release candidate for Alpha 8. I've reworked the call button code involving elevator selections for more realism, and have done a number of tests and so far the call buttons and general elevator routing seem to be working perfectly - try testing it and see if it's working correctly now. I've also added lock support for call buttons, added support for multiple parent objects in the AddAction command (forgot to do that before), and some other stuff. I'll be doing more testing, but make sure to test it to make sure there's no critical issues. If all goes well, and once I get the packaging done, I'll merge the final source code changes into the 1.8 branch, tag it, and it'll be released as Alpha 8. I'm also thinking of making a place somewhere where all custom buildings can be downloaded. I tried aggregating all of the important changes into the changelog (finally), and also put all of the important release notes at the bottom of the readme.txt file (those are mainly from my forum posts).

-added locking support to call buttons
-added delay to last collision check, as a precaution against crashes
-moved elevator availability check from call button class into elevator class
-added limitqueue to availability check
-switched to standard availability check for single-elevator call buttons
-allow queue additions in either direction with limitqueue on if active queue is empty
-added queue pending state flag - fixes issue where pressing both call buttons in a 2-elevator shaft would call the same elevator for both
-added option to turn on and off automatic enabling/disabling of elevator interior objects via the AutoEnable parameter (the Glass Tower now uses this for the glass elevators, so that the buttons are visible from the outside)
-added support for parent object ranges in AddAction command
-fixed stairwell name definition for AddAction command
-disabled save script button
-added no-parent error message
-documentation update for Alpha 8 release

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