February 29 2016 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build mainly has fixes for problems with previous builds, mostly due to the introduction of the new Dynamic Meshes system. This build also has fixes related to a number of reported crashes and bugs. See the previous build's post for more information on recent work.

Internally this has the "separate vertices" branch work, which was an effort to split out the SBS MeshObject's vertex tables into separate per-submesh tables, instead of having a single shared table for all submeshes. This change was needed for further development of the Dynamic Meshes system.

-manually-created textures need to be removed on engine shutdown
-(Triton Center) fixed top of East Stairwell (on 141-142)
-manual texture creation calls should check for exceptions
-elevators should reset queues when switching off Independent Service mode
-use default pixel formats for textures, and automatically determine the type when creating a manual texture
-when changing a texture, the associated polygons need to have their material names updated, which fixes crashes related to failed geometry and submesh references
-prevent duplicate texture loads
-removed Caelum test material
-use default (write-only) texture type, for functions where reading is not needed
-make sure that the emergency stop status is cleared, in a situation where it could be initiated after the run of FinishMove()
-merged "Separate Vertices" branch, which separates out the SBS MeshObject's vertex tables into per-submesh tables
-reset elevator camera offset if outside vertical range
-build fixes for Ogre 1.10
-don't run UpdateVertices function if mesh hasn't been prepared yet
-Dynamic Meshes should only use dynamic render buffers if using combined meshes

Previous build's changes:

  • This is also a leap day build, a build that was released on February 29th of the year. This is the first ever leap day build in Skyscraper Simulator history.

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