February 7 2013 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

--Update: new packages have been upload, which fix a few serious bugs that have been reported. The links have been updated for this. The new inspection mode actions Up, Down and Go have been renamed to UpOn, UpOff, DownOn, DownOff, GoOn and GoOff (if you have anything that is using the old names, update them in order for those to work on the 2/9 patched build).

The build has a few important new features, and a some bugfixes for reported issues. A default (error) texture (default.png) has been added, and is the same as the CS engine-generated error texture from the CS versions (this makes texture issues easier to spot than when using the brick texture). You can now fully configure the main menu from the INI file (and can even create as many buttons as you want), and the Sears Tower and Glass Tower buttons have been reversed. Since I'm not going to be able to get Bullet to switch to single-sided colliders in order to support some "locking doors" people have made (which isn't a very good idea anyway, since you'd still be walking through a wall), I added support for actual door locks and keys. Models are loaded and assigned as keys, and all controls (including elevator buttons) can be locked and unlocked by shift-clicking on the control (but only if you have the related key). Keys are assigned numbers, and you can see which keys you have by clicking the "List Keys" button in the control panel. When you click on a key, the number is added to your inventory and the key model is deleted. The ReportCollisions/LastHitMesh feature has been fixed, which allowed me to finally fix the elevator bumpers feature, which now works even better than the CS versions (those versions only triggered the bumper if the user is moving, this version works regardless if the user is moving or not). A serious bug was fixed that caused hangs when performing elevator queue resets, the color options have been fixed for the text-to-texture system, and also the elevator inspection mode's up, down, and go toggle options have been added as actions, so you can manually operate the elevator (while in inspection mode) from any control (see the AddControl command in the script guide for more info).

The Simple building now has a key model in it, which unlocks both the elevator's 10th floor button and the 10th floor stairwell door. Other controls can be locked and unlocked, and by default they're assigned a key ID of 0 (which means no key required).

New commands:

-moved OgreBullet header includes out of main header files
-removed unused mesh can_move flag
-updated bullet patch
-cosmetic code fixes
-fixed OGRE check
-added default/error texture
-added support for configuring the main menu from the INI file
-reversed the Sears Tower and Glass Tower menu entries
-updated INI file
-added ability to lock doors
-renamed new shaft door command
-shift-clicking on doors now locks them
-finished support for locks and keys
-added new command SetKey, which allows models to be specified as keys
-added new command SetLock, which sets lock parameters when creating doors and controls
-fixed LastHitMesh
-fixed ReportCollisions feature
-fixed elevator door bumpers
-limit automatic "off" action creation for button panels to a single action (performance improvement)
-added functions to enable or disable all floor panel control lights at once (performance improvement)
-fixed a bug involving hangs when resetting elevator queues
-fixed font color values
-added actions for inspection service up/down/go toggle options

2/9 fixes (2/7/13 #2 build):
-variable initialization fix - solves reload crash
-inspection mode actions fix - commands have been renamed
-fixed issue involving button lights getting stuck on if pressed in addition to others

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