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Integration Project Information
Elevator1512's Buildings * 80 tag
Escalatorgeek881's Buildings * 12 tag
Kan's Buildings * 15 tag
Maalit72's Buildings * 126 tag
Sumosoftinc's Buildings * 16 tag
EGR1312's Buildings * 107 tag
June's Buildings * 9 tag
RaioCraft24's Buildings * 5 tag
Elevator1209's Buildings * 82 tag
Current Integration Projects * 19 tag
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An integration project is a project aimed towards integrating all of a user's buildings into one large project, as well as providing a central release and discussion center for all of the user's buildings and content. It helps organize a user's building projects and content into one large release so that new users can download everything in one release and not have to download many releases just to get all of a user's buildings and content. Currently, integration projects are found in the Integration Projects board of the Skyscraper Simulator Forum. Of the current integration projects, six of them have over 10 thousand views, the most recent one being the E1512 Integration Project, which reached the 10 thousand view mark on July 27th, 2016, 334 days after it had been created. A total of 29 integration projects have been created in the Skyscraper Simulator Forum.


Before the Integration Projects (June 2010)

All buildings and their respective were released on their own topics on the Skyscraper forum prior to mid-2010. Due to the large number of projects that were active at that time, it was difficult to find the correct topic for a building. Even before March 2011, ten months earlier in June 2010, a user named Otis67 wanted to release everything in one topic. He named it Otis67 Factory Textures and was a prime hit for his textures until the integration projects era came along a year later.

Beginnings of the Integration Project (March 2011)

In March 2011, as a last ditch effort to organize all of a user's building projects, it was decided that all buildings would use the same set of folders that would contain the required textures, sounds, and other content that were used in the buildings that were not already bundled with any Skyscraper Simulator release. Under the new system, all of the buildings had to be released at the same time. Later that month, work had been begun on organizing and preparing the new concept of an "Integration Project". EG881 of the Skyscraper Simulator forum founded the first integration project that was started, which was called the EG881 Integration Project.
Shortly after the introduction of the first integration project, then IP2011, all of escalatorgeek881's buildings were updated for the new integration project system. Test Tower's Butler City Project was a semi-integration project, used for releasing everything he had into one file, like an integration project, but different. It was the main source of Test Tower's buildings until he released his TT Integration Project one year and one month later.
In May 2011, another integration project, founded by user Kan of the forum, was started, and was called the KW Integration Project. More integration projects were started by other members, since they wanted to follow what was of the EG881 Integration project's way of releasing its content. Most users were not sure and did not know how to set up the release package.

A Tutorial that was Necessary (May 2011)

Because of the problem being so abundant with users not knowing how to release content properly on their integration project topic pages, EG881 went and created a tutorial on how to properly create and run an integration project. This tutorial has helped make it easier for any user who wanted to start the project. Since then, some users have gone to the tutorial page to learn how to start their own integration projects. Other users, however, just started theirs without going to the tutorial page. A few users have started more than one integration project, a main project and a sub-project.

A New Board (October 2011)

In October 2011, all of the active integration projects were split off into a new board under the Custom Buildings board. It was called the Integration Projects board. This reduced clutter that was filling up in the Custom Buildings board because of so many integration projects that were being started. The cluttered board was confusing for members to view any singular project because of the abundance of the integration projects.

The Sub-Projects Era (2012)

January 2012 signaled the beginning of the 191-Productions Integration Project 2012, which elevatorman191 wanted to combine releases for his content. The integration project was the first one that was released the year after the founding of the concept of the integration project other than the Bluelight Integration Project, released in August of 2011. Other sub-integration projects, like the KW Integration Project 2012 Building Ideas thread, TT Integration Project, and Embassy Suites - Downtown Los Angeles Realism Project were begun in 2012. The next year signaled the Chew Integration Project and Nick0222212 Integration Project 2013.

Integration Project Slowdown (2013-2014)

Several of the active integration projects at the time slowed down in 2014 through 2015. The Nick0222212 Integration Project, KW Integration Project, and even the EG881 Integration Project slowed down and locked at times. The global mods of the forum did unlock the topics from time to time, mainly if the users wanted to post any updates to the project they worked on. This trend continued on for much of late 2014 and early 2015.

More New Projects Spring Up (2015-2016)

Until March of 2015, the KW and EG881 Integration Projects were on hold altogether. In March, both projects began to pick up its regular, routine posting pace again for both projects. It was also the same month, the EG881 Integration Project dropped its year labeling. Two months later, a tracker was formed by request of escalatorgeek881. It would be used to post any issues or suggestions that wanted to be made to the integration project.
The June and Lisa Integration Project was founded in late July of 2015, which was the first integration project to be started by a female user of the Skyscraper Simulator Forum. A month later, the E1512 Integration Project was founded on August 29th. The Swindon Integration Project was founded on September 19 by Rabbit9168 a month later, but no buildings were ever released on the thread. The RaioCraft24 Integration Project was founded less than two weeks later on September 30th. No more integration projects were started for the rest of 2015 after the RaioCraft24 Integration Project.

Rise and Decline (2016)

January 2016 saw the DanTdm Fan Integration Project begin, where dantdm fan released combined releases for all of his buildings. A month later, in February of 2016, the KW Integration Project drop its yearly label, which was done by Kan. The EGR1312 Integration Project began in March, where elevatorguyrocks1312 began to release versions of buildings that he worked on. E1209 Integration Project 2016-2017, the most recent integration project, was founded in April by Elevator1209. The KW Integration Project passed 80 thousand views on June 8th, 2016. The EG881 Integration Project passed 90 thousand views on June 12th, four days later. The June and Lisa Integration Project was renamed to June's Integration Project on July 22. The E1512 Integration Project passed the 10 thousand view mark on July 27th, 2016, or 334 days after the project was started.
The EG881 Integration Project was on pace to become the first topic to ever pass the 100 thousand view mark on the Skyscraper Simulator Forum, which was within a few months. On October 14, 2016, the Maalit72 Beno Building Creator Integration Project released its first building in 324 days, which was one of the longest integration project droughts that had begun on November 25th. The Elevator537564 Integration Project was founded sometime in October 2016 (date unknown, will be added later). For the EGL3829 Integration Project, it was founded in November 2016 (again, date unknown). June's Integration Project ceased development on November 14th, 2016, according to its creator June.
The EG881 Integration Project passed the 100 thousand view mark on November 20, 2016, and had been the only topic to have over 100 thousand views on the Skyscraper Simulator Forum, until the KW Integration Project passed that mark. Throughout the 4th quarter of 2016, many low quality integration projects had been released, which consisted of randomly generated buildings and very little effort.

Revival (2016 - Present)

In order to have better quality control of the content on the forum, new rules were set in place. June's Integration Project returned in late November 2016. Many of the other users had also decided to continue their own integration projects. Because of moderator actions by gooper1, the EGL3829 Integration Project and Elevator537564 Integration Project threads were merged with the EGR1312 Integration Project on February 2nd, 2017. He banned elevatorguyrocks1312 for breaking the Forum Rules.

Current Projects

Topic ID Project Name Founding User
3132 EG881 Integration Project: Combined Releases for All Buildings escalatorgeek881
3520 KW Integration Project: Combined Releases for All Buildings Kan W.
3856 KW Integration Project 2012: Submit Your Ideas for Buildings Kan W.
4015 BL Semi-Integration Project Bluelight
4631 UpLift Vancouver IP-2014 UpLift Vancouver
4685 TT Integration Project: Different Group Releasing in this IP Test Tower
4913 My Integration Project Elevatorman96
4963 Samuel's Integration Project 2013: Combined Releases for All Buildings Samuel
5179 Embassy Suites - Downtown Los Angeles Realism Integration Project gooper1
5537 Polaris Hyperdevlopments Integration Project cd7890
5839 GTF10 Integration Project 2013: Combined Releases for All Buildings CrazyPokemonaniac
5842 Chew Integration Project, New Buildings, Remixes, and More! Wigglespect
5916 Maalit72 Beno Building Creator Integration Project maalit72
5921 Nick0222212 Integration Project 2016: Combined Releases for All Buildings Nick0222212
6221 connorelevator2011's Integration Project! connorelevator
6546 The 800 Integration Project The Tower Creator 300
6669 GibranalNN BBC Integration Project 2015: Combined and individual versions GibranalNN
6683 Finn and Jake Integration project Finn The Human
6751 EG881 Integration Project: Error Reporting/Discussuion escalatorgeek881
6816 PBElevators Integration Projects PBElevators
6843 E1512 Integration Project 2018: Combined Releases for All Buildings Elevator1512
6878 Swindon Integration Project (SIP by Rabbit9168) Rabbit9168
7073 DanTdm Fan's Integration Project 2016 dantdm fan
7237 EGR1312 Integration Project: Combined Releases For All Building elevatorguyrocks1312
7259 E1209 Integration Project 2016-2017 Elevator1209
7302 PBE Integration Projects PBElevators
7349 June's Integration Project June
7515 __RaioCraft__ New Integration Project 2017 -_Raio_-

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