January 18 2014 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build has some interesting new features, and quite a number of bugfixes. The new console window had some window refresh issues (mainly on Mac) which have been fixed. Instead of just "If" statements, I've added "While" statements, which will loop the current line until the condition is false, and functions can now be called properly from both If and While statements. Some commands have been added for the console, and are "delete", "runaction", and "gotofloor" - so to go to floor 5 in a building, you can now type "gotofloor 5" in the console. A frame smoothing feature has been added, but is disabled due to issues - to try it out, set "Skyscraper.SBS.SmoothFrames" in the INI file to something like "100". In Bullet, I've disabled penetration recovery in the character controller, which solves issues with walking up stairs. The DisableSound option in the INI file now switches sound off for the whole app. The OpenMessage and CloseMessage elevator parameters have been added, which play sounds such as "doors opening" and "doors closing" when the elevator doors begin opening/closing. A number of Mac fixes have been made, which solve mouse position issues, a shutdown crash, and console window refreshing. I added an option to the INI file called "RenderOnStartup", and if this is turned on, Skyscraper will render the building as the script is processing, so you can see it being built. This causes severe slowdowns though.

If you're building from source, you no longer need to run "./svnrev" manually - this is now done automatically.

-removal of unused wxWidgets code
-brought back calcerror in script interpreter, which was erroneously changed
-lots of misc cleanups
-added while statements
-added delete command
-added runaction command
-added gotofloor command
-misc cleanups
-action names with spaces now work from scripts
-functions can now be called properly from IF/While statements
-added duplicate function check to script interpreter
-added SBS timer system, and replaced wxWidgets timers with it. wxWidgets is no longer used in the SBS library.
-added frame smoothing feature
-(Bullet) disabled penetration recovery in preStep() function, which interferes with stairs stepping, and added new patch
-fixed an issue where main window would not resize back when exiting from fullscreen to main menu
-object list in objectinfo dialog now refreshes automatically
-switched DisableSound to a frontend option, which now changes it for the whole app
-removed unused options from INI file
-WalkBrake and RotateBrake options now work
-removed LookAccelerate, BodyDepth, LegsDepth options
-fixed GetObjectPosition() for elevator doors, so now their position shows up in the MoveObject window
-fixed Camera::Rotate() function; relative rotations now work in camera control window
-script processor now using main frontend loop for processing, which should fix console GUI hang issues on Windows and Mac, and the prepare() function is no longer needed for clients such as the console window.
-added OpenMessage and CloseMessage elevator parameters
-made missing files dialog larger
-fixed issue where rotational degree values would show 360 instead of 0
-fixes to main window sizing
-fixed issues with main menu and mouse clicks being off on Mac, due to client size being different than window size
-fixed shutdown crash due to MainScreen::OnClose being called twice (mainly on Mac)
-(Cmake) svnrev is now run automatically during build process
-(Cmake) Mac-specific build options have been fixed
-(Cmake) OgreBulletDyn now properly references OgreBulletCol as a dependency
-fixed an issue where most new meshes would need to be disabled and re-enabled to be visible
-added RenderOnStartup option, which renders the building as the script is processing on startup
-orientation fix for old sky

Fun Fact

  • This is the 100th build that was released on the Skyscraper Simulator forum, which does include the versions of skyscraper that were released there.

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