January 28 2018 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build has a bunch of fixes, and also more Sears Tower model work. I fixed an issue where nudge mode would turn on while an elevator was in Fire Phase 2 mode. I added the ability to use the system time as the DateTime value for buildings, and added the TimeScale option for buildings, to set the time scale. A button was added to the Sky Control window to set the system time. I extended the Stairs and Escalator creation functions, so that you can specify separate riser and tread textures, to help fix texture problems. The sky system now reloads properly if you reload the primary building, so now you can make changes to the sky system and see them when the building is reloaded. The Sears Tower model now uses coordinates. I added the remaining freight elevators to the Sears Tower model, and did some other fixes with it.


-(Sears Tower) switched freight elevator doors to center dualspeed
-(Sears Tower) interfloor fixes
-(Sears Tower) added freight elevators 4 to 6
-(Sears Tower) added freight elevators 2 and 3
-(Sears Tower) added additional freight elevator shafts, and others
-reset new_time variable when unloading sky system
-have sky system reload if the primary engine/building is reloaded
-added coordinates for Sears Tower
-added more deprecation warnings
-added separate riser texture and tread texture options for Stairs and Escalator objects, to help fix texture issues
-added INI file option to use the system time as default, if not specified in a building file
-put SkyName into Caelum INI file section
-trim off second's decimal point
-added a button to the Sky Control window to get the system time
-added ability to use system time as the DateTime value for buildings
-added ability to set the time scale (using the TimeScale value) for buildings
-elevator doors should not automatically enable nudge mode timer when Fire Service Phase 2 is on
-renamed Min/Max functions to simplify
-switch Swap usage to std::swap
-add missing parent_deleting flags

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