January 3 2014 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build mainly has a new in-app console window, which replaces the standard console debug output used on previous versions. On Linux and Mac, you can switch this back to the old format by changing the "Skyscraper.Frontend.ShowConsole" parameter in the INI file. Some serious Mac bugs have been fixed (involving startup crashes and alphabetical keys not working), so this build should work now on that platform. The script interpreter is now persistent while the building is running, which allows you to reuse previously loaded functions and variables at any time. Older versions would unload the script interpreter once it was finished processing a building. A new parameter "Skyscraper.Frontend.WarnDeprecated" will have the system warn about outdated command syntax in scripts, and along with this, the Simple building has been fully updated to the latest script syntax. All logging (ogre and skyscraper) is now written out to the "skyscraper.log" file and not "Ogre.log". This has a bunch of minor bugfixes, including a fix for the ctrl-r reload feature.

One issue with the Mac version is that the console doesn't refresh while the building's loaded, even though that works fine on Windows and Linux - currently there's no solution for that.


-keycode fix for Mac version - fixes some key recognition errors
-fix for Mac window sizing errors
-turned off console mode on windows
-control panel sizing fix
-removed unused RenderOnly and InputOnly options
-script viewer no longer shows included code
-rename and cleanups of collider recreation when adding/deleting objects during runtime
-fixed issue where meshes wouldn't be immediately visible if walls were added to them during runtime
-fixed an issue where control panel buttons failed to work upon a building reload
-command box in console now clears on send
-added echo option to console window (displays typed commands)
-fixed an issue with the main window not raising properly on startup
-fixed a startup clear screen issue
-switched log output to new in-app console window
-addition of main console text box in console window
-moved system over to Ogre logging facility
-all logging is now written to skyscraper.log
-debug console (text) output can be turned on and off by INI file parameter
-script processor is now persistent
-added missing note about ctrl-r reloading current building to key commands list
-added script deprecation warnings, which can be enabled in the INI file
-removed unused GetWallExtents function since the command version is more useful
-script interpreter cleanups
-fixed a parameter check for parameters specified after equals signs; would previously treat empty text as a single parameter
-updated syntax in Simple building
-added ReverseAxis parameters to the script guide, which were missing

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