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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

Today's build has some new features, and also some more outside work. The previous build had a basic model of the Sears Tower added to it (in the actual proximity to the Triton Center's fictitious location), while this build has the plaza, streets and sidewalks around the Triton Center. The new features include support for separate up and down chimes (so that a file with 2 chime sounds can be used as a down chime), and per-door textures on elevator and shaft doors. Previous scripts will work fine with this build (due to compatibility features added). The descriptions of those new features can be found in the script guide, and are the commands UpChimeSound, DownChimeSound and the modified AddDoors, AddShaftDoor and AddShaftDoors commands. Floor indicators have been added outside the Triton Center's service elevators on all floors, and indicator group panels have been added in the lobby for the 3 zone 1 local banks. More will be added later.


Pictures of the build:

Now if you never saw the information on the Triton Center's fictitious location, here it is. I picked the location back in probably 2005, since I wanted the building located somewhere in Chicago, hopefully near the old site of the cancelled 7 South Dearborn (the Triton Center's design was loosely based off of that building). I noticed the old vacant Block 37 (NE corner of Dearborn & Washington) which had been empty for over a decade and saw that as being the perfect place for it, especially since it was right across from the open Daley Plaza. A year or 2 after that they started building a shopping mall in that place, but that'll always be the fictitious location of the Triton Center (I chose the address 111 N. Dearborn for it). For more information on the history of that block and pics, look here in the History section:

Recently I started making the ground plans of the surrounding area and included it with the building's floorplan collection:
http://www.skyscrapersim.com/downloads/floorplans/triton_center/Outside.pdf The streets, sidewalks, and blocks in there are the actual sizes in Chicago. You'll also notice the parking garage/service ramp on the State Street side which hasn't been made in the simulator model yet.

The Flight Simulator 2004 screenshots also detail out it's location better, but they show an older design of the building:

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