July 30 2014 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build has a number of serious bug fixes along with speed enhancements, and some changes to the main functionality. The ShaftShowFloors functionality was broken before and has been completely remade and tested. I fixed the Caelum sky rotation issue, since it was facing the wrong direction. The interfloors adjacent to the current active floor are now shown, which follows the original design - for some reason that was never done before. I also fixed a major bug with the FinishDoors function, which would not properly reset the DrawWalls state, causing wall issues that people reported. The stairs bounding box fix solved an issue that the Northeast Triad Convention Center revealed, where the code would consider you to be outside the stairwell if the stairwell floor you were on didn't contain any actual geometry. I've been trying to enhance the Caelum configurations and did a little bit for this build, but am going to try to do more in the near future.

-cleanups, and mentioned reverse floor ranges in script guide
-check floor enabled state before enabling/disabling floor and group
-fixed an issue where the ShaftShowFloors command would cause the destination floor to become disabled
-remade ShaftShowFloors code, and it now works properly as described
-floors now report in verbose mode when they're enabled/disabled
-added basic group state check to floor object, to prevent repeated enables/disables during ShowFloors functionality
-added a check to make sure elevator serviced floors are valid for the associated shaft
-removed SkyMult INI file parameter, and the Caelum sky.os file now configures this
-changed Caelum start time to 10am instead of noon
-fixed Caelum sky rotation
-fixed main filename case
-added functions to enable/disable interfloors
-added Mesh Control dialog option to enable/disable interfloors
-fixed columnframe and interfloor checkboxes in the mesh control dialog
-interfloors are now shown for adjacent floors, in order to match the original design concept
-fixed "InStairwell" status
-removed bounding box check in stairs code, since it was failing on stairwell floors that contained no geometry, but were still valid
-fixed issue where FinishDoors function was not properly reverting the DrawWalls state

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