June 7 2014 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build is another prerelease of Alpha 9, and things have been delayed due to the number of serious issues I've been finding and fixing. You can now use right-click to reverse the selection order of controls (buttons and switches), so for a fire phase 1 switch, you can left-click to turn the key to clockwise and right-click to turn it counterclockwise. The code that determines which floors call buttons should be created on has been reworked, so now they're placed on the combined range of all associated elevators instead of just the first elevator's floor range. The ctrl-r reload function has been fixed more, and now properly restores more of the position states. Part of the code that turned off shaft doors if the user was inside an elevator has been fixed, in situations where the shaft doors would disappear if the user moved outside of the elevator without them being switched back on properly first. The statistics window now shows which renderer is being used (DirectX or OpenGL). Floor signs now take the shaft door vertical offset into account when being created. A malfunction in the ACP mode has been fixed, where elevators would lock up due to the Go() function being issued during an active call, and so ACP mode now uses standard routes instead of the Go function. Elevator modes such as Independent Service can only be enabled if other overriding modes (such as Inspection Service or fire modes) have been disabled. Controls and triggers now only play their sounds if their action succeeds, except for elevator floor buttons. As an enhancement to interlocks, the code now checks to make sure all shaft doors are closed before moving the elevator (this can be disabled by disabling the elevator's interlock).


-call buttons are now created with directions based on the combined range of all elevators, instead of just the first one specified.
-elevators can now be deleted during runtime
-added shaft and stairs existence checks to EnableFloorRange
-floor deletions now fail if a shaft or stairwell depends on that floor
-fixes to GetFloorNumber function to allow deleting the current floor
-lots of reporting fixes and cleanups
-tiling fix for the Daley Center building
-sensor actions created by elevator doors are now removed along with the doors
-when deleting shafts, they must have associated elevators deleted manually first
-(Glass Tower) fixed executive elevator motor position
-added elevator floor signs to the Glass Tower
-changed Glass Tower 138 floor sign to say "R", and also minor wall fix
-reload function now restores camera floor, gravity, collisions, and freelook options
-fixed an issue where shaft doors would stay disabled if pressing F6 (resetting position) while in an elevator
-fixed logic behind 'force' parameter for shaft and stairs enable checks
-added Renderer entry to Stats dialog
-floor signs now take the shaft door offset into account when created
-added floor ID reporting to Go function
-ACP mode now uses standard queuing instead of Go function, which fixes a malfunction if used while another call is being handled
-the elevator Go function will now exit if elevator is already moving
-cleaned up elevator mode switching, so that certain modes must be explicitly disabled before enabling another mode
-actions now return the status of the commands run
-controls and triggers will now only change position if the action succeeds
-controls/triggers with multiple parents or actions succeed if at least one action succeeds
-control/trigger sounds now only play if the position changes
-fixed an issue where only the first parent associated with an action would be used
-fixed a message loop in verbose mode if certain elevator sounds can't be loaded
-added more return codes and "loaded" status to sound code
-fixed a dispatch loop issue if elevator refused to move due to interlocks being enabled and doors opened
-all shaft doors must now be fully closed for an elevator to move, when interlocks are enabled
-right-clicking controls now reverses direction of selection

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