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This is a page about a user's integration project.
A topic about the integration project on the Skyscraper forum is located in the Integration Projects board.

The KW Integration Project is an integration project aimed towards integrating all of Kan's buildings into one large project, as well as providing a central release and discussion center for all of Kan's buildings and content. Currently it exists on the Skyscraper Simulator Forum as an extra for Skyscraper Simulator. It is recommended to get the latest version of this IP as required textures and data are part of the integration project releases.

Exterior of Unnamed School.


The KW Integration project was founded in May 2011 by Kan, then the MEL Integration Project. Shortly after, it was renamed to the present name of the KW Integration Project. In October 2011, the KW Integration Project, as well as the other active projects at the time, were split into a new board that was called the Integration Projects board. This reduced clutter that was filling up in the Custom Buildings board because of the KW Integration Project and EG881 Integration Project almost always getting on top of the board. In April 2015, the KW Integration Project reached the 1,000 reply mark, making it the second topic in the Skyscraper forum to reach the mark. In February 2016, the integration project had its year labeling dropped and was simply called the KW Integration Project from then on. A total of 15 buildings have been released as part of the integration project.


  • Status will be updated as buildings are completed and started. Buildings in progress are highlighted in yellow and buildings completed are highlighted green. Any building on hold or abandoned is marked in orange.
  1. Marriott Marquis Interchange City
  2. Unnamed School
  3. Serenity Hospital
  4. Friendship School
  5. Tranquility Conference Center
  6. Skyscraper School
  7. Westin Tranquility City
  8. Simulation Tower
  9. Skydream Tower
  10. Tennerland Complex
  11. Driverson City
  12. Skyscrapersim Housing Estate - Section 1.2
  13. Transnational Office Plaza
  14. Interchange Hospital
  15. Intercontinental Hotel Interchange City


  • Kan created a sub-project of his existing project in August 2011, called KW Integration Project 2012: Submit Your Ideas for Buildings. It was used for around a year mainly for ideas on what buildings would be made.

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