March 18 2013 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This is the first build of the Skyscraper 1.9 series (Alpha 9), and Alpha 9 is planned to be a smaller update to the Alpha 8 release, mainly to clean up a lot of issues and hopefully add a few features.

Here's some screenshots of the new Triton Center railings and pool:

and some other interesting screenshots from before of the Glass Tower in Alpha 8:

For the Windows builds, I'm now using Visual C++ 2010 express (as opposed to 2005 Express for 32-bit builds, and 2008 Express for 64-bit builds like before). Due to changes in that software, the C++ runtime libraries now come bundled with Skyscraper and no longer need to be installed separately. I've done a number of aggressive tweaks to the source code (including lots of optimizations to the compiles), and also found that VC 2008 was building slow code for 64-bit for some weird reason. Because of this, all previous 64-bit Ogre builds ran about half the speed of the 32-bit versions. The Linux and Mac versions were fine though. But now (at least on Windows), this build appears to run faster than Alpha 7, which means it's really fast.

Here's the startup timings I did on a test system (a 3ghz core2 system running both Win7 and XP):
Windows 32-bit startup for Triton Center (XP):
Alpha 8: 28 seconds
Last CS build: 24 seconds
Alpha 7 w/patch1: 22 seconds
This build: 19.5 seconds

Windows 64-bit startup for Triton Center (Win7):
Alpha 8: 47 seconds
Last CS build: 31 seconds
Alpha 7: 25 seconds
This build: 19.5 seconds

I've also fixed a bug that was causing severe slowdowns when loading very tall buildings (thousands of floors), fixed a crash that happened when loading collider models, fixed a hang that occurred when model and sound filenames contained multiple directories, fixed a defect in the CutAll function which was causing the function to cut through all floors associated with the level's shafts (make sure you check buildings that use CutAll to make sure this didn't break anything - I checked a few and they appear to be fine), added a pool model (floor 132, model originally from the old Skyscraper 1.0) and railings to the Triton Center, added the StairsShowFloors and ShowFullStairs commands (the Triton Center uses ShowFullStairs for the stairway by the hotel elevators on 80-119, allowing you to look down the center of the whole stairwell), a fix that should smooth out the character controller movement (all camera movement), and more.

As of the Alpha 8 release and later, the Windows builds come with the DirectX 9 library and don't need to be updated for this. In this build I added Ogre's experimental DirectX 10 and 11 render systems, which you can switch on by commenting out their lines in the plugins.cfg file, deleting your ogre.cfg file, running Skyscraper, and choosing those from the menu.

-switched dumpstate() to use stl strings
-fixed creation of collider body which was causing crashes when loading collider meshes
-added support for skipping calculations on model filenames - fixes an infinite loop
-added check to prevent crashes when deleting an object user is standing on
-fixed a defect in the CutAll floors operation - was cutting through all floors associated with shafts/stairwells - now only cuts through current floor as described
-added pool to Triton Center (floor 132)
-added ability to delete models and doors with ctrl-click
-fix for disabling old skybox (when old skybox is enabled, it now disables properly during runtime)
-added StairsShowFloors and ShowFullStairs commands
-moved stairs, shaft and elevator checks into respective classes
-some tweaks to IsInStairwell checks
-removed some obsolete stuff (including shaft type parameter)
-added ShowFullStairs to Triton Center's West Stairwell
-added railings to Triton Center stairwells and other areas
-added calc ignore checks for other filename parameters
-swimming pool model material fixes
-turned off texture lighting option by default
-fixed crash that would happen if Caelum wasn't initialized properly
-old sky is now used if Caelum fails to start (previously the sky would end up being black in this case)
-fixed misuse of vector preallocation, performance improvement (fixes bottleneck when creating thousands of floors)
-function speed improvements in script interpreter
-added function name and calling line to script error message
-misc performance tweaks
-fix for material polygon reporting
-performance fix for GetTextureMaterial function
-misc script interpreter performance improvements
-random activity is now ignored if related elevator is in service mode
-elevators now report when they're parking
-AddFloor parameter fix
-fixed the Bullet step count, which should hopefully smooth out the character controller movement
-Visual C++ 2010 rebuild for Windows
-added OGRE DirectX 10 and 11 render systems for Windows.
-upgraded to wxWidgets 2.9.4

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