March 6 2014 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build is a release candidate for Alpha 9, and there should still be a little more done and some issues I need to look at, but it's nearing the release. Mainly Alpha 8 has a lot of problems which have been fixed, and so I want to get another release out soon. Quite a bit of stuff was done for this build. Math functions no longer need spaces before their names, which was an issue with the last build when they were introduced (this issue was noticed after the build release). I added an optional parameter to the FinishDoors and FinishShaftDoors commands, which let you turn on/off the automatic filler/connection walls. A couple major issues were fixed, namely the main menu texture distortion was fixed (normally happened when using DirectX 9, this was from the Ogre switch), and also a major bug in the submesh processor code was fixed that caused corrupted triangle data when deleting wall polygons, and sometimes crashes - Windows builds would crash if you deleted the ground, and Linux builds would stay running but the ground would be corrupted from it - this bug went all the way back to the old late-2010 CrystalSpace builds. The AddActionParent and RemoveActionParent commands were added, which now allows you to assign multiple parents to each action, and they're all visible in the Action Viewer window now. Support for multiple parents was added last year, but the commands were just now added. I've added the new math functions log2, ceil, flr, rnd and round. Recent builds would get stuck in a loop if the <end> command was used, which has been fixed. More objects can be deleted from the object info window without issues, but I'm still fixing dependencies so it's not fully crash-safe yet (you can delete walls without any crashes though). Objects created that are part of the 'external', 'landscape' and 'buildings' meshes now show up as children of those in the object info dialog (unless they're associated with a floor), which cleans things up a bit. You can now delete actions in the Action Viewer window, and this removes dependencies and so is crash-safe (won't cause crashes). In the Glass Tower model, I've added the depiction of the 100-story Peerless Building and some of the ground from the movie (The Towering Inferno), based on the spotting blueprint from the movie production. The AddCustomFloor command has been added (used by the new Glass Tower work), which is just like AddCustomWall but you only need to specify the Y (altitude) value once near the end, instead of for every coordinate set. The EndPoint function was added, based on code I used to figure out the positioning of the Peerless Building stuff, and finds 2D (X/Z) end coordinates when given 2D starting coordinates, a direction (angle) and distance. The program startup now shows a progress bar window courtesy of wxWidgets, which looks nice. The optimized OgreBullet DLLs in the last Windows build didn't have a recent stairs-climbing fix, and so I've remade them with the fix included.

-math function fix - removed the need for a space before the function names
-added option to turn off automatic filler/connection walls for elevator doors
-(major) fixed texture distortion issues on main menu (finally)
-added new math functions log2, ceil, flr, and rnd
-added round math function
-fixed recent issue with <end> command looping
-elevator doors can now be deleted properly during runtime
-added check to prevent floors from being deleted out of order
-reset collisions when deleting objects, and clear last_collision value - this allows objects the user is touching (or standing on) to be deleted
-manually deleting floors now deletes any walls created in the "external" mesh
-do not process geometry buffers if no data exists - fixes a crash on Windows
-fixed a vector overrun in RemoveFloor function (element was removed before accessed)
-walls of root object (SBS) meshes are now children of those meshes instead of root
-actions created by button panels are now deleted along with the panels
-action viewer now refreshes list
-added AddActionParent and RemoveActionParent commands
-misc fixes/cleanups
-added ability to delete actions from the Action Viewer window, and fixed some cleanup issues involved in the deletions
-Action Viewer now displays multiple parents
-(major) fixed an issue where the submesh processor would skip, leaving unused triangle data. This was causing Prepare() to malfunction and sometimes visible corruption
-(Glass Tower) added basic Peerless building and ground based on spotting blueprint from movie
-added AddCustomFloor command
-moved Print command to end, which allows certain command results to be printed properly
-added EndPoint function
-added progress dialog for script load
-added atrium floor spacing in Glass Tower

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