March 9 2016 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build mostly has important bugfixes for recent work. I've been currently working on the additional Dynamic Meshes features, but the code isn't ready to be used yet. This contains multiple elevator fixes, to fix lockups that were happening when using random activity in certain buildings. The ChangeTexture functionality now works properly again (for the Dynamic Meshes feature), and now is able to change textures properly on combined meshes. An issue was fixed where the Dynamic Mesh's "prepare" flag wasn't being updated properly, preventing walls from deleting. A serious issue was found in the triangle reindexing code, which has been fixed.

In the Triton Center, I tried changing the heights of the elevator and stairs doors for the hotel floors, to standard heights, so that they visually match the standard doors that are on those levels. I also added the LevelingOpen value to all elevators in that building. I based the heights off of this page:

-fixed triangle reindexing by adding proper validity checks, to fix a problem that arose when switching to an unsigned int type
-(Triton Center) added LevelingOpen parameter to elevators
-(Triton Center) use standard height measurements for doors and elevators, currently on hotel levels
-fixed an issue where the dynamic mesh's Prepare flag wasn't being handled properly
-have ChangeTexture function skip vertex processing if re-preparing mesh, and only update index buffers if needed
-added support for automatically re-preparing meshes when changing textures, if multiple clients are referencing a specific submesh, to fix an issue where changing a texture would affect multiple client meshes
-active elevator status should be reset if active elevator becomes unavailable
-IsLeveled function needs to do a fuzzy check for the elevator's position, to overcome very slight differences with floor altitudes

Previous build's changes:

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