May 14 2009 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build has pretty much the only fix I could come up with for the black directional indicator problem (I tried a whole list of things, including adding callbacks, etc), and is really just a workaround since it simply leaves all the indicators on in the entire building (so if you have a building with a lot of indicators, you'll experience slowdowns). This pretty much can't be fixed with the way Skyscraper is currently made. Skyscraper uses Crystal Space "Thing" meshes, which have been marked deprecated in CS 1.4, and that problem will be fixed if I move off of those and onto Genmeshes (I tried texture switching in a test app with genmeshes, and it worked great). That won't be easy though, since I'll have to rewrite parts of the core graphics functions (and also learn how the genmesh system works, since it's a lot different). The other fix in this build is for the callbutton/indicator transparency issue. I'll soon be adding support for 2 elevator doors (3 or more doesn't make any sense, unless there actually are real elevators that have those many doors), and also text-to-texture rendering (for automatic button/sign creation).

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