October 24 2013 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build mainly has some fixes to the last build, and I've also rebuilt the libraries without the extra optimizations that were added before, to see if that helps the script error issues people have been having.

The Windows packages include the d3dcompiler_42.dll file which should've been causing most of the DirectX crashes. The other way around this is to update DirectX from Microsoft's site:

Bullet has been built with it's internal profiler turned off, which should fix the shutdown crashes Cheapie was having. I've uploaded a new source package at http://www.skyscrapersim.com/downloads/dev/other_apps/bullet-current.tar.bz2

If you're having weird lags and choppiness, try disabling Bullet and tell me if that eliminates the lag. When you do this, collision detection and physics will be off but you'll still be able to click on objects and ride elevators - this option just switches the code so that it uses Ogre directly for the camera operations instead of using the Bullet collider object.

-added needed object existence checks to functions that use the object array directly - without this, crashes were happening when doing an object scan after an object had been deleted
-disabled elevator door open/close functions while in Fire Phase 1 recall
-disabled elevator arrival notifications and floor sounds/beeps when in service modes
-added caelum exception catch-all - this might help handle other GPU shader errors
-reverted IsNumeric code again to rev 2931, with a platform modification
-added updated OGRE fixes patch, including new D3D9 shader check fix
-added popup dialogs for all Caelum errors
-added ability to disable Bullet for testing

Linux and Mac packages are now compressed using bzip. The patches can also be applied to the Aug 27th build.

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