October 27 2012 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This is another major bugfix build. The Ogre version should now be as stable as the CS version. Some of the things fixed in this build:
-object creation and deletion during runtime is now working properly (mainly used through the script console and object info window). You can delete walls without restrictions, but when deleting main objects (floors, elevators, etc) delete the objects that depend on them first before deleting them, and for elevators and floors you should normally delete them from highest to lowest.

-object info listbox now updates if you exit that window and re-enter
-added new control aliases, mostly for Mac users
-object/polygon mouse selection is working fairly well now (previously it was only working properly with small objects like buttons, but not with walls)
-colliders are now deleted properly when deleting an object
-removed ReportCollisions feature (not applicable to Ogre)
-added support for setting the default sky time speed in the INI file for Caelum, and changed the default to 25 (you can now easily see the clouds moving, and a day moves much faster so you can more quickly see sunrises and sunsets)
-fixed the TexelOverride functionality which fixes texture mapping issues on small objects like elevator buttons (this bug was mainly visible in some of Beno's elevators)
-fixed starting camera height (camera was starting out too high before and then would fall down to it's normal height)
-fixed platform name listing in sim statistics window

Modified keys:

PgUp or P - Look upwards
PgDown or L - Look downwards
Home or O - Float upwards (or jump if collision detection is on)
End or K - Float downwards (or crouch if collision detection is on)
F7 - Show colliders
Alt + PgUp/P - Spin right
Alt + PgDown/L - Spin left
Plus or ] - Zoom in (decrease FOV angle)
Minus or [ - Zoom out (increase FOV angle)
V - Toggle noclip mode (gravity and collisions off)

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