September 26 2015 build

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This is the article of a development build of Skyscraper Simulator.
It has been confirmed a good-faith contribution to the Skyscraper wiki.

This build includes mainly bugfixes for serious issues. The GIF transparency fixes should now be completely fixed. I've changed the way the camera moves, and so due to this you can now jump in elevators while they're moving, and also turn off collision detection and gravity and move to the top of the elevator while it's running. This camera change also paves the way to escalator movement and other things. The internal IntersectRay function had a typo in it, which was sometimes causing incorrect walls from being selected - it now works just like Alpha 7 and earlier versions. I updated elevator object positioning, to follow the new positioning system design. I found that elevator motor sounds were moving along with the elevator, since they were set to be children of the elevator object, and I've changed it so that they're children of the shaft object, which fixes this. The Move Object window now displays the position of an object relative of it's parent, next to the absolute/global position. I've started making escalators, but they're not usable yet even though the starting code is already in the simulator.

The last-minute fix (when I pulled the downloads to re-upload) had to do with elevators in Up Peak or Down Peak modes not responding to hall calls, which has been fixed. This was causing an elevator in the Coalham Town Hall building to not respond.

See the previous build for more info on recent changes:

-elevators should accept hall calls if waiting in UpPeak or DownPeak mode
-new Escalator object (still in development)
-added Relative Position item to Move Object window, and realigned text boxes
-elevator motor sounds are now children of shafts, fixing movement issues, where they were moving along with the elevator (due to new positioning system)
-misc positioning fixes and cleanups
-elevator music sound is now positioned properly on startup, instead of at start of play
-elevator object positioning cleanups
-fixed typo (extra '-1') in IntersectRay function, fixes wall click issues
-fixes to elevator CameraOffset value, to allow user to move on top of an elevator while it's moving
-elevators now use move functions to set altitude; user can now jump and move vertically in elevator
-added camera movement function that uses SetPosition instead of character movement
-more GIF transparency fixes; added parsing of packed field to properly get transparency flag

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