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The Shoutbox is used by members of the Skyscraper Simulator Forum Its main use by members is to post "shouts" in Skyscraper Simulator. This saves on topics posted in the Off Topic board of the Skyscraper Simulator Forum. The Shoutbox History stores any old shouts posted by members. There are a total of 10 shouts in the main area of the forum. In the shoutbox history, 25 shouts are displayed per page.


  • From the Skyscraper Simulator Forum:
    1. Don't post crash reports in the Shoutbox! They go in the bug tracker instead.
    2. Don't post missing texture reports in the Shoutbox! Get G1DP or search the forum instead.
    3. Don't embed videos in the Shoutbox. Instead, link to them using a URL shortening service such as or (don't use stuff like Adfly and Linkbucks, those count as advertising and can get you banned).
    4. Don't post nonsense or random characters in the Shoutbox. Doing this could get you banned, so be careful!
    5. Don't use moving text. This means using the [move][/move] tags.
    6. Try not to double-shout. Double-shouting is when you post the same shout twice in a row. Some of you do have laggy computers and/or slow Internet, and that may cause you to accidentally double-shout. That's fine (it's kinda unfair to warn people simply because their computer/Internet sucks, so I won't), but don't go out and intentionally spam shouts.

Brief History

  • The shoutbox was first introduced by Gooper1 on September 28th, 2012, and has been in use to the present day.