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Welcome to the Skyscraper Simulator Wiki! These are the disclaimers that must be followed if you want to create an account and contribute to this wiki.

Before Registering

Before you register and create an account on this wiki, make sure that you follow all of the guidelines below.

Editing Articles

If you are editing a page, it is recommended that you preview your changes first before submitting them. This includes templates such as the {{al}} template.

Creating Articles

To create an article, go to a page that does not exist. You cannot create articles that already exist, as that does not make much sense to do so. The exception to this rule is if the target page is a redirect to another page.


Vandalism on the wiki is strictly not allowed. This includes page creation spam, uploading files that are unrelated to the wiki, or spamming links to random external websites on an existing page. Any vandals who break the rules are subject to be indefinitely blocked by an administrator.

Reverting Edits

It is usually not necessary to revert edits by any user unless the edit is vandalism. Vandalism includes overwriting articles with nonsensical spam or adding incorrect information to an article.

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