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Skyscraper Simulator is a 3D building simulator that consists of both high-rise architecture and elevators. It allows users to create his or her own buildings and experience them in full first-person 3D. The creator is made by Ryan Thoryk. (his username is eventhorizon)


  • From the main page, by eventhorizon:
    • Skyscraper aims to be a fully-featured, modular, 3D realtime building simulator, powered by the Scalable Building Simulator (SBS) engine. The main feature SBS provides is a very elaborate and realistic elevator simulator, but also simulates general building features such as walls, floors, stairs, shaftwork and more. Many more things are planned, including gaming support (single and network multiplayer), and a graphical building designer. Skyscraper is written in C++ and uses the OGRE graphics engine (was Crystal Space), Bullet for collisions and physics, FMOD for sound, the wxWidgets GUI library, and is multiplatform. The current versions aim for a future 2.0 release.


  • Always get the latest version found by clicking this link.