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The TT Integration Project is an integration project founded by Test Tower (S-Production). His main buildings are located in Butler City, and one building is currently located in Oldish City, which is the Oldish City Port, and connects to Westlife Highway via that port. The Skyscrapersim Housing Estate project is a co-owned building project where Test Tower began Sections 1.0 and 1.1 and Kan did Section 1.2 as part of his integration project, the KW Integration Project.


Butler City

Stand-alone Buildings

Co-owned Buildings

Other Buildings

Oldish City

  • Oldish City Port

Early History

Butler City Project

History (March 2011-2012)

In March 2011, just after the EG881 Integration Project began, the Butler City Project was founded by Test Tower. It focused on the buildings in Butler City. The project was being worked on at a steady rate from the beginning to July 2011. The project would still keep being worked on less often, until April 2012.

Name Change (April 2012)

A new topic opened up at the Integration Projects board in April of 2012, and the activity on the old topic dissipated quickly. New posts were rarely on the old thread in favor of the newer one.

TT Integration Project

Early History (2012)

The current project was begun in April 2012 when Test Tower changed his main thread from the Butler City Project he had worked on for 13 months to TT Integration Project 2012. It started at the Skyscraper Simulator Forum's Integration Projects board as it focused on main, major releases of all content. The project included a new city by the name of Oldish City in August 10, 2013.

Slow Moments (2014-16)

After the last release on January 2014, the project was considered to be on hold for the longest time possible, with the topic locking and unlocking several times throughout this timeframe. The next release, around a year later in 2015, would be the last currently. There were still updates posted, includes screenhots. The project was locked from July 7, 2015 to July 13, 2016, which was 374 days of being locked, the longest ever in the project history.

Modern History (July 2016)

When the project was unlocked, snapping a 374-day streak, Test Tower made a joke about replacing his lifts to Evans Lift Alliance, which is Beno's most hated company. There is a bright light for the next release, which has been over 18 months since the last release has been made.


A next release of the integration project could be done, as Test Tower has only replaced fixtures on some of his buildings from his last update in May 7, 2015 to July 13, 2016, an update drought of 434 days and counting. (Updated as of July 13, 2016)

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