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This is the talk page for the development builds article. When updating the list of builds currently in Skyscraper, make sure to copy the information from the release topic in Simulator Development board of the forum AND include Alpha releases, like Alpha 7 and Alpha 8. Please create a new section in this talk page whenever a new development build article is created and when a new build is released on the forum. For example, in the See Also section of the article, provide the links to the previous build and the next build once it is released. When a new build is released, make sure to take away the current build in the link section of the previous build's article in the See Also section.

Example (from the April 18 article):

All Builds Completed

All builds, except for the ones that are yet to come, have been completed and articles have been created for themselves. This means that it took over a week for me to get all builds from the time that the forum was started until now to get every single build up. 2009 has the most builds, while 2011 has the least.--Elevator1512 (talk) 19:26, 28 April 2016 (CDT)