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The Todo List is a current list of features that are to be added, or have already been added into Skyscraper Simulator. It was founded and currently is managed by eventhorizon.



  • eventually add motor, counterweight, etc to elevators, and shaftwork
  • add a car top box with up/down controls (for controlling elevator from the top of it, while in inspection mode)
  • elevator light switch
  • in independent service the floor button needs to be held for it to proceed to the desired floor
  • fire service modes need to be able to re-close doors (and hold the open button to open it fully)
  • emergency phone or intercom
  • elevator door sensors (door will re-open when hit. Infra red door sensors now work with action control and triggers) and nudge mode
  • fire alarm that puts all elevators into fire mode (Now work via action control), and a phase 1 startup sound "The buzzer lasts until the elevator arrives at the fire floor and opens its doors completely"
  • for freight elevators, they need open/close buttons on the call panel, and don't automatically close (need to press the close button)
  • elevator doors can cut stairwell walls
  • automatic buttonless elevators that go around in a circle, like Paternoster
  • elevator music
  • make elevator movement volume based on speed, with limits
  • sounds for counterweights
  • key access to certain elevators and floors (possible using key textures)
  • Also, could you implement (once freight doors have been implemented), constant pressure pushbutton control and a way to drag open the doors with the mouse?
  • Additionally, would it be possible to implement single automatic pushbutton control, where the elevator has an "In Use" light where you have to wait for it to go out before calling the elevator?
  • floor beep/counter update delay
  • in multiplayer mode, create a random elevator breakdown mode and have it so another player has to fix or rescue
  • Could the "CarStopSound" and "CarSartSound" commands be split into 2 commands for going up and going down. e.g. "CarUpSartSound", "CarDownSartSound", "CarUpStopSound", and "CarDownStopSound". this will enable hydraulic elevators and will also allow diffrent messages to be played when going up and down. (I don't use "MotorStopSound" and "MotorStartSound" because in the UK you can hear the motor just as loud at the bottom floor as you can at the top floor)
  • add a delay to door component openings and closings
  • button-powered doors (I've seen people use "automatic doors", which are basically cabless elevators)
  • out of service, alarm, etc indicators (Out of service now work with action control)
  • hall call destination control - user enters the destination floor in a keypad in the lobby, and an algorithm selects best available elevator
  • Call cancellation: A destination floor may be deselected by double clicking.
  • make run/stop modes (enable/disable elevator)
  • add 2nd texture parameter to doors
  • add Sabbath Mode
  • try adding support for a single-button call button (for single elevators only)
  • manual movement control, probably based on the inspection mode control (possible via a workaround and nowadays Action Control)
  • interior elevator objects should be visible while outside the elevator (maybe do everything but the buttons, or put an imposter object in place of the buttons) (Which is nowadays AutoEnable syntax)
  • add an option for the indicators to change floors halfway into the next floor


  • all objects should have rotational factor instead of left/right/front/back direction
  • eventually support curved/circular walls & floors
  • doors and stairwell doors cut shaft walls, for machinery and shaft base access
  • automatic door filler walls
  • make all automatic filler walls optional
  • escalators (non-moving escalators using Escalator2011)


  • make stairwell signs
  • lights
  • Triton Center condos
  • security cameras with tv monitors (uses procedural textures)
  • switch to a physics engine (this requires rewriting the majority of motion-related code) (physics support was added for models only)
  • add warning dialogs about textures that can't be loaded (was doing this for alpha 5, but rejected due to it requiring changes to core code)
  • ability to open the design guide and edit the ini file from the main menu
  • elevator idle sound start and stop sounds (used for fan switch)
  • possibly have fire alarms run by sound emitters (Now work via action control with nowadays AddSound syntax)
  • smoke detectors that you can click on and activate to simulate a fire (switches elevators into fire phase 1)
  • escape hatch
  • joystick support (including crazy things like steering wheels) - both CS (Note: Now has been switched to OGRE) and WX seem to have full featured support
  • network multiplayer support
  • mirrors
  • sliding doors
  • garage doors
  • automatically closing doors
  • functioning, moving, time-keeping clocks (possibly using system time?)


  • fix the Sears Tower interfloor cut issue
  • script processor processes elements like Floor() even if they're within an IF block. The IF block should be processed first, and then cycled to process the rest
  • grouped floors need to have stairs, shaft doors, and anything else enabled
  • make sure that the call cancel button only cancels button presses and not hall calls
  • system slowdown from random activity feature
  • when elevators park, doors should not open

Now don't go crazy over this list, because some of these things require massive changes to the simulator code, and would take a long time to fully implement.

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